Thermal Imaging

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Thermal Imaging Cameras (Collaboration with Satir, Ireland)


SATIR, IRELAND is one of the world’s leading civilian thermal imaging system manufacturers focusing on developing, producing, and marketing of infrared cameras. These cameras play a significant role in a wide range of industrial, commercial and governmental thermal imaging activities including predictive and preventive maintenance, condition monitoring, non-destructive testing, research and development, temperature measurement and thermal testing.


Thermal Imaging Solutions in Collaboration with Satir, Ireland


  • Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • Thermal Imaging Tablets
  • Gas Detection Cameras

Vehicle Thermal Vision

  • IR Automotive Cameras
  • IR Automotive Cameras
  • IR Safe Night Driving Cameras

Security/ Surveillance

  • Handheld IR Cameras
  • IR Fixed Security Cameras

Veterinary/ Medical IR Cameras

High Performance Thermal Core Cameras

Thermal Imaging UAV/ Drone System



  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Gas Detection
  • Electrical Surveying
  • Thermal Building Survey
  • Mechanical Equipment Thermography
  • Mining Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry


  • Search & Rescue
  • Motor Night Vision
  • Fire Fighting Solutions
  • Security


  • Fever Detection
  • Veterinary Medical Sector

Drone Application

  • Search & Rescue
  • High Rise Buildings Preventive Maintenance
  • Agriculture